Detail from official Bentley centennial polo shirt, Bentley Frankfurt

My 2nd car: VW Santana (1984)

I had always liked the Santana´s styling and was thrilled to find one in the classifieds when my first car started to be seriously eaten by rust in 2001. I immediatly fell in love with it, bought it and utterly enjoyed cruising in this rather stately saloon with its three-speed-automatic-gearbox. Unfortunately, the joy only lasted for three years until I was involved in a car crash. The Santana took the impact just between the front wheel and the driver´s door, which left me perfectly unscathed (despite the absence of airbags) while the other (newer) car was a complete write-off and its driver suffered bruises from the airbags. However, the frame was slightly distorted, rendering it uneconomical to be repaired for me. I sold it for a mere 100 Euros to an enthusiast who came to pick it up with a trailer from 300 kilometres away. As I had to commute by car, I had to quickly buy a new and reliable daily driver. I decided to buy something more recent this time and found a Ford Focus to be the best value for what I could afford at the time.